Simple trick that made my life happier

The trick is a simple yet effective line. Whenever I tell this to some unhappy friends, they told me that it took a heavy load off their minds. So I’ll look at you in the eye, and share this with you with a gentle voice.


You may already know everything that I’ll say but it is good to be reminded.

Doing what we love may inspire someone, but most of the time, it will spark envy to the people around you. I always, always wanted to please everyone and finally learned the truth in a hard way, I can’t. It is impossible. We cannot control other people’s impression on us. No matter how much we worry about it.

In the pursuit of pleasing everyone, I used to hide my course/degree because agriculture is not as glamorous as it look to everyone. I overwhelmed myself with work to the point I got gravely sick.  It made me unhappy and insecure. I felt angry about every mistake I made and fell into deep despair.

How I got out from that despair? I did not redeem myself or prove my worth to them. I got out because I learned to love and take care of myself and do things for myself. It sounds selfish but it will also benefit the people around you soon.

If we focused all the energy that we used to please them into ourselves instead, we can achieve a greater sense of fulfillment. It gives a different sense of motivation. We feel more empowered and we feel invincible. No one can stop you but you.

I used to get scared about criticisms but this is my mindset now, who cares? I cannot please everyone anyways. I started this blog to improve my writing skills and to share my experiences. I enjoy doing it. I’m happy. I’ll keep doing it as long as I enjoy it.

So start that project you want to create. Don’t be scared. Just do it. About the criticisms, accept them positively but always remember that there are billions of other human beings that will appreciate your work. Improve for yourself and you’ll be happy about it.

Thank you for reading.



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