How to make your home save lives

Before I show you my travels, I think it is also nice to show you where I’m from. My article may sound boring at the start but it will get interesting later.

I live in Manila, if you haven’t head of Manila, you can do a quick Google search and you’ll find out that it’s the capital of the Philippines and a densely populated one.

Despite all the noise and pollution of the highly urbanized Manila, I wake up in the morning with the tune of the birds and scent of fresh dew in the morning. Why?

“Top View of our Home” by Jack Guevara

Because my late father bought a land and he did not fully cemented it like other urbanites do. My dad and mom did a lot of gardening around the house. And maybe because of them that I got interested in agriculture.

So how did our home save lives?

This tiny patch of greens give habitat of number of animal species.  We may sometimes see butterfly flying around the garden. My parents always tell me that it’s a sign that our home is a healthy place for the birds, insects and humans to live.

“Green Space in an Urban Area” by Jack Guevara

You see, without this green space; Those birds nesting in our birdhouse. Those loud cicadas during the summer. Those beetles that struggles when they fell from our tree. It is hard for them to survive in this city without our home.

(When I have the chance, I’ll update this blog post with pictures of these friendly residents/visitors who take shelter in our home)

I think that my late father did not anticipate this kind of effect, that he could save lives. He just wanted a clean space for us, his children, to play and connect with nature.

And now, it’s your time to make your home save lives too. 

P.S. Oh, we have a coconut tree too! By the way, thanks for reading.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

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