1st day: Intern at a Golf Course

06.01.17 | Thursday | First day of internship

I was accepted as a Golf Course Maintenance Intern at The Country Club in Canlubang, Laguna, Philippines.

My objectives and expectations on this internship:

1. Apply the theories I learned about turfgrass and learn practical knowledge on golf course management;

2. It will be a fun and exciting yet very informative experience and;

3. To experience a workplace setting and improve my interpersonal skills.


I was asked to come to work at 8:00 am for the first day. I went to the HR office in the Clubhouse. The HR manager gave me the list of activities that I’ll do during the internship and 2 sets of uniform.

Internship Outline
I was supposed to meet the General Manager (GM) around 9 am but she was not yet around so they let me attend a John Deere Seminar instead.

John Deere Seminar

John Deere is a machinery company that manufactures and supplies machines and equipment for agriculture, forestry, construction and turf.

The John Deere seminar was held at the Golf Course Maintenance Office. We watched a John Deere Walk Behind Mower SL220 demo.

The Superintendent (wearing red) checks the performance of the John Deere Mower
Few problems arised during the demo. Our superintendent was quite disappointed and told them that he already got the idea and said that it scalps the same as TORO.

TORO is a different machinery company. A competitor of John Deere.

Still,they gave us a free cap.

Meeting with the General Manager

After the seminar, we went to the GM office in the Clubhouse. She was nice and she properly welcomed me to the Country Club.

She was kind of shocked to know that I wanted to work outside and that I wanted to try their turf equipment. She did not expect that a small girl like me wanted to do that kind of job.

“Don’t break any of our equipment or you’ll pay for it. No, I’m just joking”, she said. Even though she said that it was only a joke, I know that it was serious.  I was glad that she did not stop me and accepted me as an intern. She just reminded me told me to be very careful and try not to get hurt.

After the meeting, I went back to the Golf Course Maintenance Office.

Maintenance Office
The Maintenance Office houses the turf equipment and machineries.

The Golf Course Maintenace Team is composed of:

1. The superintendent – the main boss of the Golf Maintenance Team. He plans and strategizes the turf management to be applied in the golf course.

2. Office manager – the liaison between the superintendent and the workers.

3. 2 admin staff – they assist the office manager especially with paperworks.

4. 1st and 2nd assistant – they supervise the workers in the field.

4. 50 workers  plus 1 intern (and that’s me!) – they are divided into  teams: course set-up, irrigation, mowing, landscape, fertilizers and pesticides team. I will be with a different team every week.

I was stucked in the office for an hour since I had nothing to do. Being in the office got me so restless, I was itching to go out to the field. I’m not really the office-type person. I always want to be out there, doing something. 

Since they noticed that I was starting to get bored, they let me go home around 4 pm. They told me that I will officially start tomorrow.

Yes! The real fun will start tomorrow! So excited! 😀


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