2nd: How do they put holes in a golf course? – Course Set-up Part I 

06.02.17 | Friday | Second day of internship

My objectives for the course set-up training of my internship:

1. To learn about golf course set-up and;

2. To be out in the field and gain more hands on experience.

Course set-up

It’s the second day of my internship! Kind of pumped up because this is the first day that I’ll be out in the field.

I was assigned to assist kuya Elos for the whole day. He is responsible for the course set-up and minor turf repairs around the Country Club. It’s his 20th year in the Country Club. Such a great working experience! It was an honor to learn from him for the next few days.

What is being done during course set-up? Changing the location of  the golf holes and tee markers.

Why the holes should be moved? The location of golf holes changes everyday to increase the challenge for players and to avoid too much traffic on a certain area on the putting green.

The red thing in the picture is the cup cutter. It is the equipment used to make the golf hole.

Cup cutter

Course set-up may look easy from afar but it’s very laborious. When kuya Elos taught me how to use it, I found out that the cup cutter is quite heavy (around 5 kg).

Minor turf repairs

After the course set-up, we did some minor turf repairs in the afternoon.

How to repair damaged turf? Collect a hexagon sod using the hexagon sod cutter, the sod will be used to replace and patch up the dead grass.

Sod: The sod is the surface soil and grass extracted from the ground. It looks like a carpet to me.



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