3rd: Saw a billionaire today! – Course set-up Part II

06.03.17 | Friday | Third day of internship

I was cutting it close. I decided to go to work on 6:00 am. The shuttle service leaves on 5:30 for the 6 am shift. I arrived at 5:28. Almost late.

Although the manager told me that I can come to work anytime I want, I still want to come early.

Mechanic rounds

Kuya Louie, the mechanic around the course, does rounds in the morning to check the performance of the equipment he set up. He taught me how to check if the grasses is mowed on the same height.

Also, it’s a time to repair some equipments that are not functioning as well.

Kuya Louie repaired a mower during his morning rounds

Mechanic: They are vital on a golf course. They set up the equipment, grind the blades, test and repair the equipment and machines in the golf course. For kuya Louie, he also does morning rounds.

Maintaining cleanliness

After the morning rounds, I went to Kuya Elos to continue the course setup training. This time, I saw a big blower connected to his cart. He also does the job of maintaining the cleanliness around the golf course.

Equipment: TORO ProCore

As a part of the course set-up, kuya Elos destroys the ant mound using a stick while changing the locations of tee markers.

Keeping the ants away from the greens

When our cart ran out of battery, Kuya Elos needed to get another one and he left me to guard the cart sooo I got the chance to take this selfie! Haha.

The Country Club Owner Saturday Visit! 

One of the billionaires in the Philippines and the owner Enrique “Ricky” Razon visits the Country Club during Saturday.

I saw his helicopter landed. He values his time very much. To avoid heavy traffic, he uses his helicopter to travel. He also only plays for one hour.

Anyway, I did not get any picture of him since I thought that it was kind of rude to take picture of my boss without him knowing. Haha.

Yeah. That sums up my day.

Always look on the greener side,
The Agrotraveler


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