4th: Fertilizers part I

06.05.17 | Monday | Fourth day of internship

My objectives on the Fertilizer Training of my internship:

  1. Be familiarized with the grades and types of fertilizers used;
  2. Formulate fertilizer rates and plan the frequency and timing of fertilizer application and;
  3. Learn the proper handling and storage of fertilizers and record keeping.

I was assigned to be with the Fertilizer Team today.
They loaded the truck with Fertilizer Spreaders and bags of fertilizers.

They taught me how to use the fertilizer spreader. After that, they let me fertilize the fairways. As a beginner, it was hard for me to make a straight pass using the fertilizer spreader.

Click here to see how the fertilizer spreader works! 

In a sarcastic tone, they told me that they’ll see how good I did after a few days since they will see that spots that I missed based on the color of the grass. 

Fertilizer Trials

The Superintendent gave me some handouts about soil sampling and fertilizers to read. He also gave me a experimental design for my fertilizer trials.

Experimental design for fertilizer trials

Why do I need to conduct Fertilizer Trials? 
As a part of the internship, I need to conduct these experiments to learn the effect of different kinds and amounts of fertilizers on the growth of the grass especially on its color. The results of the trials will be shared to the workers of the Country Club so they can personally see the effects of different fertilizer applications. Hopefully, it will serve as a guide for future fertilizer application. 

…That’s what I learned about fertilizers today. 

Thank you for reading!

Always look on the greener side,

The Agrotraveler

P.S. I was stucked in the office because of the heavy rain this afternoon. The heavy rain caused the heavy traffic so I did not go home early today. I also had a headache due to sudden change of weather so I was not been able to update my blog. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow. 🙂


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