7th: How To Calibrate a Backpack Sprayer? – Spray Calibration part II

06.08.17 | Thursday | Seventh day of internship

We did the calibration of Walking Boom Sprayer and 24 gallon tank sprayer yesterday.

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Today, we calibrated the backpack sprayer. 

Kuya Roque showed me the proper way to use the backpack sprayer. 

And I tried it too! Good thing that Ate Chey was around to take the pictures. Thanks Ate Chey! 

Calibration of backpack sprayer is easier than the first two sprayer.

1. Load the backpack sprayer with 1L (1000mL) of water. 

2. Spray the water over a known area (e.g 2 m^2)

3. Measure the covered area by counting the times you sprayed over the known area until the backpack is empty.  

Covered area = Times sprayed x Known area = 8 times x 2 m^2 = 16 m^2

4. Divide the 1000 mL of water over the covered area. 

Calibration =  1000mL / covered area = 1000mL / 16 m^2 = 62.5 mL/m^2

That’s what I learned today! Hopefully, I explained it properly to you.  Thank you for reading!

Always look the greener side,

The Agrotraveler


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